The humanitarian crisis in Syria has become one of the greatest humanitarian emergencies of our time. A cruel armed conflict that has lasted four years and has forced nearly 6 million Syrians to flee their homes to escape the horrors of war.

The Satli Foundation, aware that we face the world’s worst refugee crises of the past 25 years, has sent two trucks with supplies for Syrian refugees in Turkey, the country that at present has welcomed the largest number of people. For this, we have had the collaboration of the Foundation to Support the Syrian People of Malaga to coordinate the arrival of this help more effectively before the winter makes the living conditions in the area more difficult.

These trucks containing non-perishable packaged foods, different products for the personal hygiene, blankets, shoes and winter clothes for women and men. Satli Foundation has made it a particular point that within the materials, which are already headed for Turkey, there were a lot of children’s clothes and baby wipes and diapers to meet the special needs of hygiene of the little ones.

 We also want to appeal to all authorities and international bodies for an early resolution of this conflict with terrible consequences for the civilian population.

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